Wiens Brewery Company Review

Wiens Brewery Shows Temecula Is More Than Just Wine

For people living in Southern California the name Wiens usually evokes an image of a vineyard nestled away in the beautiful Temecula Valley. However, craft beer enthusiasts Ben and Pete Wiens are hoping in the not to distant future that vision will change. This is because the two men have literally went against the grain by moving away from the family wine business to create Wiens Brewery, and they believe the unique home brew style will make the name Wiens synonymous with world class brewery.

Pete and Ben come from a family that has built their name and reputation on producing some of the most popular wine in the Temecula Valley, but the passion that drives these guys is beer. Brewing has been a life passion for Pete and the reason why he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fermentation Science from UC Davis while also spending the last 12 years making domestic lagers. When TemecuLove asked Pete about why they ditched the red and whites for lagers and IPAs he explained that he and Ben simply had the dream of opening their own brewery since 1995.  Since the grand opening in November 2012 they are both very thrilled to have their dream come true and to create beer that is exciting while not being diluted with adjuncts. Pete stated, “We are part of the same family as the winery, but we’re not wine guys!  We’ve been homebrewing since 1995 and brew a wide variety of beers that are all distinctive and full flavored.”

5 Questions Temecula Beer Lovers Want To Know

1. What types of beer does Wiens Brewery offer, and does the company offer keg rentals for special events?

We have up to 16 beers on tap at any time. We offer a wide range of beer styles including lagers and three IPAs. We also have beers aged in bourbon barrels and cask beer. We should have everything setup this month to do keg rentals direct to consumers.

2. Does Wiens Brewery ever have any special offers, events, giveaways or promotions?

We offer discounts on beers on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

3. What is your most popular beer, and why do you think it is a fan favorite?

Our most popular beer is our Insomnia IPA. We load it up with 3.2 lbs of hops per barrel for a huge depth of hop flavor and aroma.

4. How would you say Wiens Brewery stacks up against other popular micro brews operating on the west coast and in Temecula?

Temecula has a great craft brewing scene that is continuing to grow. We are very excited to be a part of it and look forward to working with the other breweries to get more people excited about craft beer.

3. Name at least one cool or unique thing about Wiens Brewery that local beer lovers would find interesting?

We are one of the few breweries to offer lagers. We also brew a single hop pale ale each month with different hops. This is a fun way to showcase one hop and how it can impart different flavors and aromas. We have a good lineup of hops to use including three experimental varieties. We are also brewing a Belgian IPA with a different yeast strain each month.

Brewing Beer In Temecula

Although the family winery is located in Temecula and the brewery is technically under the same business umbrella, Wiens Brewery chose to start their business in the Temecula Valley because it is a great craft beer region that is still growing. Pete explained that they love the number of independent restaurants and businesses in the valley and how the community is very supportive of those local businesses. Therefore, Ben and Pete would have selected the Temecula Valley area regardless of their family ties to the region. Temecula will be the foundation for the brewery and they are hoping in five years that Wiens Brewery will have distribution throughout all of Southern California offering bottles and cans of their unique creations. As word gets out and demand for their beer continues to grow, Wiens is hoping to keep expanding. In fact, they already have plans to add a 15 barrell brew house and are currently in the process of shopping for a bottle line.

Temecula daily deals and online coupon company TemecuLove suggests anyone who is a beer lover check out Wiens Brewery by visiting the tasting room located at 27941 Diaz. Rd. Suite A Temecula, CA 92590. Directions via Google Maps can be found [here]

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