Top Five Small Business Benefits Of Email Lists

How Customer Emails Can Help Your Temecula Business

Staying connected with the customer. As easy as it may sound, staying connected with the customer is one of the biggest challenges facing small businesses. Although the rise of social networking platforms such as Google Plus, Twitter and others have allowed businesses to more effectively communicate with a larger audience, many social networking sites such as Facebook filter content. For example, if a local Mexican restaurant in the Temecula Valley worked to get 3,000 Facebook likes, roughly 10% (300) of those who liked that page would see updates about that business in their news feed. This is something that agitates many small business owners who spend so much time building their social networks, only to have Facebook hide information in a ploy to force small businesses to pay for sponsored advertisements.

So what can a small business in the Temecula Valley do to keep customers interested in their products and services?

How can that small business make certain first time customers turn into repeat customers?

The answer is simple: staying connected with the customer. Social networking is one way small businesses stay connected with customers, but the best way a business can have direct dialogue with customers is through email. No matter what type of services or products your business offers, developing an email list or database of people interested in your special promotions, products and other deals will only help improve communication with the customer, resulting in more brand recognition, in-store traffic and sales.

Five Reasons For Email Marketing

1. Staying Ahead Of Social Trends

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of letting people interested in your products or services stay informed. In fact, those who use timely and well thought out email marketing campaigns state that they are more effective and have a far more significant impact on people than posts on social media websites. This is because with so many different social networking options available such as Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter to choose from what is popular today can be old hat tomorrow. And if their is one thing the once almighty MySpace taught the world it is that social networking trends can change quicker than fashion trends. The last thing a small business would want to do is spend enormous amounts of time building a marketing strategy tied into a social networking website that could one day simply not be “cool”, or a more likely scenario, a social networking institute that changes user and privacy settings to force the small business into paid advertising. By filtering posts and having all content fall under a third parties’ guidelines of what is “appropriate”, many small businesses are losing their voice in the trend-driven social networking world.

2. Control The Voice of Your Business

Temecula businesses should certainly take advantage of any form of marketing that provides visibility for their brand, including social networking. However, when a business creates an email list or data base they have not only total access and ownership of that list, but also the message that will be contained in those email blasts. Having 100% control over the voice of your business is important because nobody knows your business better than you. For example, the message a Temecula wedding photographer wants to send their audience is going to be vastly different than the message a local GPS tracking system company wants to send their audience. That means the business can be as professional or provocative as they want to be without worrying about violating terms and conditions of a social networking site. The company also has the ability to control their promotional material by sending out online coupons for their Temecula business whenever they see fit!

3. Reach A Interested Audience

Email marketing is not spam! If you are thinking about purchasing email lists after reading this then clearly you have missed the message trying to be delivered. Email marketing is essentially a permission based asset. That means people chose to let your businesses’ voice into their lives. This is a very big deal and responsibility that should be handled with care. When people sign up and give your business permission to communicate special offers and share any cool Temecula daily deals this means the person genuinely cares about your business and is far more likely to pay attention to what your business has to say. Therefore, if the person wants to hear about unique promotions or offers from your business why not share that information with interested audience? However, it is also important not to send them so many boring email promos that they will become numb to the email blasts. An interested audience can become uninterested very quickly!

4. Low Cost Visibility

Sending emails is free, and most people who check their inbox on a daily basis glance at each message as they determine what messages are important to them on that particular day. That means the worst case scenario is that the person who opted in to receive email promotions from your business will at least give your message a glance. If that message is unique and captivating the user will most certainly investigate further. What’s even better is that their are many email management companies such as MailChimp that will blast your message to the inbox of your audience for free. That means a small business in the Temecula Valley can essentially reach thousands of people at no cost! People on Facebook or other social sites often follow hundreds or even thousands of people and businesses, making any posts by your business likely buried in the social noise. Especially when your 10% off the next visit offer posted on Facebook is competing next to a post by the user’s friend talking about an engagement, birthday party or other personal event. At least in the inbox your business will have far less social competition!

5. Promote Yourself

Businesses spend so much money on expensive forms of advertisements, whether they be radio ads, television commercials or print advertisements in the mail. Think about it for a moment. Why are businesses spending money on these forms of advertisements? The answer in the simplest form is exposure. To promote the business in front of a large audience. Basically, the small business pays a large business to promote them. Email campaigns are great because they allow the small business to promote themselves without spending a single dime! With an email blast, a coffee shop can let its customers know about half off drink specials, restaurants can promote unique happy hour treats or day spas can let past clients know about daily treatment specials. The power is in the hands of the small business to promote what they want whenever they want to an audience that actually cares and is likely to spend their money!

Marketing your business is important, but marketing your business effectively and in a cost-responsible way should be primary concern number one. All marketing tools and avenues available should be utilized to promote your brand, and that is why it is so critical not to fall into a single model of promotion (i.e. Facebook). Social networking IS VERY IMPORTANT and SHOULD be used, but developing a solid email list for an email marketing campaign is equally if not more important. That means brainstorming clever ways to acquire emails through contests, giveaways etc. should always be on the mind of the business owner. Focus and attention should be made on a daily basis to the email marketing campaign and how to effectively build that email list. No matter what products or services your business offers, building an email list is a marketing must!

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