TemecuLove Featured On Temecula Patch

Publication Announces Temecula Daily Deals Company

As society has become increasingly more mobile and digital, common items such as the newspaper have quickly become a thing of the past. The world is now driven by real-time information and that has been a hurdle many print newspaper companies have not been able to overcome. However, smart journalists, bloggers and tech-oriented newspaper publications quickly saw the Internet as a valuable tool to actually better connect with their reading audience, using technology to help build their news oriented businesses. One local online news driven publication that has been able to succeed in the digital era has been the Temecula Patch, a online newspaper company that focuses on community news, announcements and activities at the local level.

Temecula Patch Talks Daily Deals

Always looking to share relevant community news to people in the Temecula Valley, the Temecula Patch recently ran a announcement about TemecuLove. With the debut of the local resource company and website taking place only a few short months ago, the Temecula Patch posted a community news announcement to inform local residents about the new daily deals and coupons business. All of the staff members at TemecuLove could not be happier about the exposure and positive start to the company launch.

“We really have tried to make TemecuLove something unique and creative; something that can be beneficial to not only the businesses we work closely with, but also the consumers who invest in local Temecula deals“, explained one of the co-owners of TemecuLove. “The out-pouring of support from the community has been absolutely amazing. We have been developing cool and diverse daily deals that can reach both a young and old audience, and been running contests through social media channels to keep our fans interested and entertained. With local businesses, residents and now online publications all helping create a buzz over TemecuLove, we can only be thankful for everyone’s support while also continuing to grow into the ultimate Temecula resource, coupon and daily deals company.”

Those interested in learning more about the Temecula Patch can visit the online publication’s website anytime. For more information on TemecuLove or accessing Temecula coupons and daily deals, please visit the company website, twitter or Facebook page.

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