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TemecuLove spotlight reviews are an excellent way for local businesses to better connect with their local market, improve search engine optimization, boost positive online review content and much, much more. The detailed spotlight reviews provide local shoppers an intimate insiders peek on what a business offers, who the employees are and a better understanding of services provided. They put a face, name and personality on your business. With your assistance answering the below listed questions to the best of your ability, TemecuLove creative writers and editors can draft the most accurate and complete spotlight review for your company. The more detailed and personalized the answers are the better they will resonate with online readers. Please feel free to write as much or little as you would like local Temecula shoppers to know about your business, and please do not simply copy and paste an “about us” from your website or Facebook page to complete this form. Spotlight reviews should be original content that offers a balance of both formal and informal information about your business.

  1. What services/products does your business offer?
  2. What made you choose to start your business in the Temecula Valley?
  3. Name at least one cool or unique thing about you or your business that local shoppers would find interesting?
  4. How long has your business been in the Temecula Valley?
  5. Does your business ever have any special offers, giveaways or promotions? Explain:
  6. What would you like local residents to know about your company?
  7. Where do you see your business in five years?
  8.  Is there anything you would like local shoppers to know about you or your business professionally or personally?

Once again, the more detailed information you provide will better help TemecuLove editors and writers develop accurate content for your business spotlight review, as well as help potential customers better understand what makes your business more unique than others in the same industry. Our spotlight reviews reach a very large online audience, and therefore businesses participating in the spotlight review should carefully consider their answers to the above questions before submitting them to TemecuLove.

TemecuLove is always available to provide any assistance needed in helping you develop a personalized review that best represents your company, and will submit the spotlight review draft to your business for evaluation before online publishing. Spotlight reviews provide an excellent opportunity to gain additional exposure for your business in the local market, and are a valuable supplement to the launch of a daily deal promotion.

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