Small Business Saturday In Temecula

Shop Local In Temecula

Small Business Saturday is here—was your business ready?  The annual event, founded by American Express ironically enough, encourages shopping at local, independent small businesses on the day after Black Friday. Small business Saturday is being held on November 24, 2012, and is now in its third year and this year, and reports by the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) are showing that over half of small business owners nationwide plan to integrate Small Business Saturday into their holiday marketing strategy.

In order to get customers to “shop small,” many plan to offer coupons for future offers or discounts,  free gift wrapping, or even give away prizes or host contests. For example, Baby Dollz Lingerie located in Temecula is hosting a raffle giving away a number of prizes to partnering stores in the Temecula area. Small businesses banding together in an effort to help each other is what this season is all about and creates a local buzz among business owners and their loyal supporters alike. Many feel it is the most important shopping day of the holiday season as there has been a big pull away from the hype surrounding “Black Friday” and big box stores in recent years. One of the major reasons Small Business Saturday has been so successful is because it capitalizes on desires that consumers already have to help their communities. Data from American Express show that 89 percent of consumers believe small business owners contribute positively to their communities, and 93 percent believe it’s important to support local small businesses.

Temecula Perspective

We over here at TemecuLove agree 1000% with that thought and encourage people to keep the Small Business Saturday spirit going all year long. Everyday purchasing decisions made within your local community have a significant impact. So if you haven’t been out yet and are planning to, please make every effort to try something new!! Break the chain [restaurant] game for dinner and try that place you have always driven by but never stopped in to. Talk to the owners, get to know the families behind it, step outside the norm and strive to be more than just a number in a big box store or chain restaurant. Do it now, today and everyday.. your community relies upon it. With so many coupons in Temecula and daily deals available it is also often times more cost-effective to choose a local restaurant over a popular chain establishment. Most importantly, by shopping local consumers are helping local businesses and the overall health of the local economy!

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