951 Fitness Contest

The 951 Fitness Contest

One (1) Free Month of UNLIMITED Boot Camp ($100.00 Value)

Start Date: 9-24-12 End Date 9-28-12

There is never a bad time to get into shape and live a more healthy and happy lifestyle, and the pros over at 951 Fitness are the team that can make any man or woman get that body they so desire. Based in the Temecula/Murrieta area and operated by a team of certified personal trainers, 951 Fitness takes an eclectic approach to getting their clients into the best shape possible. By sitting down with clients and working on a plan that emphasizes meal planning, intelligent decision making and attainable goal setting, 951 Fitness can create an individualized work out and post-work out plan that can help anyone reach their fitness goals.

Temecula Coupon and daily deal company TemecuLove understands almost everybody could enjoy losing a couple of pounds, or getting in a healthier dieting routine. This is why we love the 951 Fitness contest so much! 951 Fitness offers specialized classes that include kettle ball training, cardio bag boxing, TRX training and more. Of course, all of these classes are instructed by trainers that also focus on building a long-term foundation for client success through nutrition counseling and lifestyle coaching, both known to substantially improve the odds of a person keeping that unwanted weight for good!

How To Enter The 951 Fitness Contest By TemecuLove

Those wanting an opportunity to see what 951 Fitness can do for them need only to follow two rules: 1) Each entry must visit the TemecuLove Facebook page and be a fan of that page by “liking” it, and 2) posting a comment on the Facebook contest promotion post saying what type of jam the entry likes to listen to while getting their workout on! People can receive an additional entry by visiting the 951 Fitness Facebook page and “liking” their page, giving each entry two possible chances to win. Each entry will be assigned a number, and the winner will be selected at random through an online resource known as random.org that generates a set of numbers based purely on chance. The winner will be announced on Friday 9-28-12 via the TemecuLove Facebook page. The winner will then have 48 hours to respond in order to claim their $100.00 unlimited boot camp prize.

Above & Beyond Beauty Contest

The Above & Beyond Beauty Contest

Free $25.00 (Two winners)

Start Date: 9-17-12 End Date 9-19-12

With the kids all heading back to school after the long Summer break, there is no better time for moms all throughout the Temecula Valley to get that Fall makeover! And when it comes to getting that new look, Above & Beyond Beauty has a number of different spa and salon services that include private suites and boutique to both pamper and beautify!

Located in historic Old Town Temecula, Above & Beyond Beauty has a number of amenities that make the salon truly unique from other salon service businesses in Temecula and Murrieta. For example, Above & Beyond Beauty has a number of in-house suites that allow women (or men) to receive one-on-one attention. Shampooing, hair cuts and essentially any beautification process can be completed in this quiet and tranquil setting, allowing the stylist and client to discuss in detail everything they are looking for out of their spa or salon service. Simply relax and let the wonderful ladies at Above & Beyond Beauty work their magic!

How To Enter The Above & Beyond Beauty Contest

The Above & Beyond Beauty contest will be held on the TemecuLove official Facebook page for three (3) days, starting Monday and ending Wednesday. All a person is required to do in order to enter is 1) “like” or share the contest promotional post. 2) leave a comment of what celebrity has the best or worst hairstyle. People emailing TemecuLove a photo of their personal favorite hairstyle can receive an additional entry. This contest will feature two winners with each winner receiving a $25.00 gift card to the spa and salon. The winner will be randomly chosen via random.org

Old Town Tattoo Contest


Free $50.00 Gift Card to Old Town Tattoo !

Start Date: 9-12-12 End Date: 9-15-12

Whether it be the name of a loved one, religious symbol or just something fun, tattoos are the ultimate way for people to show expression. And a body art shop headed by one of the best tattoo artists in all of Southern California calls the city of Temecula home. An award-winning tattoo artist who has spent over a decade creating some of the most unique and artistic body art designs, Thatcher Demamiel and his ultra-talented team have people from Los Angeles to San Diego coming into Temecula to get work done. Old Town Tattoo has truly built a name for itself in a region where tattoo shops are about as common as Starbucks stores. Their work speaks for itself, and because so Temecula coupon company TemecuLove is proud to be offering a FREE $50.00 gift card to the shop located in Old Town behind Public House.

How To Enter The Contest

The Old Town Tattoo contest will be a Facebook promotional offer. In order to enter the contest people must “like” the TemecuLove Facebook page, and then leave a comment on the promotion saying what tattoo they would get if they won. The winner will be selected at random through a website that produces random numbers. People who send in a image of their body art to TemecuLove via email are eligible for a second entry.

Temecula GPS Tracking Company

GPS Company Offers Real-Time GPS Device!


Tracking System Direct is an e-commerce company that focuses on providing fleet management and personal surveillance equipment to businesses, law enforcement agencies and consumers. With office headquarters in Temecula, Tracking System Direct has built a global reputation for offering some of the most sophisticated and user-friendly GPS trackers the industry has to offer.


Looking to increase sales and become more established in their local market, GPS tracking company Tracking System Direct teamed up with Temecula Coupon website business, Temeculove, to promote their latest real-time GPS tracker. The device is known as SilverCloud GPS, and is a portable live monitoring solution that allows users to instantly access the location of a vehicle or other personal asset. As part of the new product release, Tracking System Direct will be offering the real-time GPS on the Temeculove website for the price of $249.00 per unit. This discounted price is $120.00 off the manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing, and only available to local Temecula Valley residents as part of a limited time promotion.

SilverCloud GPS is a pocket-sized tracker that is approximately the size of an iPhone. The tracking device was designed for a number of consumer and business applications, including:

  • Management Of Teen Driving Activity
  • Auto-Theft Security & Recovery
  • Mileage Documentation
  • Fleet & Fuel Management of Automotive Assets

By accessing the web-based platform via mobile phone, tablet or computer, SilverCloud users can set speed alerts, virtual boundary alerts, access historical driving records and identify where drivers are located at any give time. There is no software of any kind that needs to be downloaded, and the device is supported with 24/7 technical assistance along with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. However, what really makes the GPS tracker stand head and shoulders above the competition is that the device requires no annual commitments or contracts of any kind! All service plans are month-to-month, and offer unlimited updates! View full post »

Rock This Moment Photo Deal

Temecula Wedding Photographer Special!


Rock This Moment Photography is a Temecula-based wedding photography company that takes a fun, artistic and unique approach to capturing moments. Don’t expect the typical old creepy guy with a pony tail to be shooting your wedding when you choose Rock This Moment for your wedding, but rather a young energetic team of professional photographers that will light up the dance floor with both their off camera lighting and sweet dance moves!


After the festivities have concluded, the honeymoon is over and the time has come to reflect on all of the events of the wedding, couples turn to their photographs. Temecula wedding photography company Rock This Moment understands that wedding photos are important from a historical and emotional context. They understand that the photos captured on a wedding day should be timeless works of art that are symbolic of the love between two people. They also understand weddings are fun, and should be captured with a certain level of emotion/energy that emphasizes the good times!

Couples engaged and planning on getting married will for a short period of time exclusively through Temecula coupon website TemecuLove be able to receive $1,950.00 worth of photography services from Rock This Moment for only $1,350! The package includes:

  • A Digital Disc Of All Images
  • Light Edit Over All Images
  • 2 Hour Engagement Photo Session
  • 8 Hours Of Wedding Day Photography Coverage

Rock This Moment has a photo blog and portfolio website available for anyone interested in this offer to review their art. Previous wedding photography includes popular locations in the Temecula wineries such as South Coast Winery, Wilson Creek Winery and Lorimar Winery. View full post »