Small Business Saturday In Temecula

Shop Local In Temecula

Small Business Saturday is here—was your business ready?  The annual event, founded by American Express ironically enough, encourages shopping at local, independent small businesses on the day after Black Friday. Small business Saturday is being held on November 24, 2012, and is now in its third year and this year, and reports by the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) are showing that over half of small business owners nationwide plan to integrate Small Business Saturday into their holiday marketing strategy.

In order to get customers to “shop small,” many plan to offer coupons for future offers or discounts,  free gift wrapping, or even give away prizes or host contests. For example, Baby Dollz Lingerie located in Temecula is hosting a raffle giving away a number of prizes to partnering stores in the Temecula area. Small businesses banding together in an effort to help each other is what this season is all about and creates a local buzz among business owners and their loyal supporters alike. Many feel it is the most important shopping day of the holiday season as there has been a big pull away from the hype surrounding “Black Friday” and big box stores in recent years. One of the major reasons Small Business Saturday has been so successful is because it capitalizes on desires that consumers already have to help their communities. Data from American Express show that 89 percent of consumers believe small business owners contribute positively to their communities, and 93 percent believe it’s important to support local small businesses.

Temecula Perspective

We over here at TemecuLove agree 1000% with that thought and encourage people to keep the Small Business Saturday spirit going all year long. Everyday purchasing decisions made within your local community have a significant impact. So if you haven’t been out yet and are planning to, please make every effort to try something new!! Break the chain [restaurant] game for dinner and try that place you have always driven by but never stopped in to. Talk to the owners, get to know the families behind it, step outside the norm and strive to be more than just a number in a big box store or chain restaurant. Do it now, today and everyday.. your community relies upon it. With so many coupons in Temecula and daily deals available it is also often times more cost-effective to choose a local restaurant over a popular chain establishment. Most importantly, by shopping local consumers are helping local businesses and the overall health of the local economy!

Deal Current Scam

Deal Current: Daily Deal Company Fraud


With companies such as groupon and Living Social changing the way businesses connect with consumers it is no surprise at all to see local daily deal companies launch in smaller markets all throughout the United States. One particular company that has established itself as a network designed to assist entrepreneurs succeed in the daily deal market at the local level is a company called Deal Current. Unfortunately, small business owners looking to establish themselves with this particular daily deal platform will find out rather quickly that Deal Current is a scam. This article is composed as a warning to any potential start-up businesses considering using Deal Current as their daily deal platform.

Deal Current Is A Scam: Buyer Beware

When two Temecula area residents saw the opportunity to provide easily accessible online coupons and daily deals to people in their local market they began researching the options available. What the young entrepreneurs discovered was a company called Deal Current who advertised itself as a network built on deal sharing and community. After hearing dazzling sales speeches about dedicated technical support, network affiliates and a strong online community the two launched TemecuLove with Deal Current providing the web management and software. This decision would end up being a terrible decision that would result in earnings lost, time wasted and contracts being terminated all based on the greedy self-interests of Deal Current.

Deal Current: Not Acting In Good Faith

When TemecuLove began working with Deal Current within a year there would be a total of 3 locally based daily deal companies all operating using the Deal Current platform. Deal Current did not offer territory exclusivity and the stated reason behind that was because the company viewed all affiliates as allies not competitors. This sounds wonderful in theory, people working together to help small businesses, but there would end up being one huge problem. This problem was that one of the 3 locally based daily deal sites, the one generating the most revenue for Deal Current decided to not play nice. What this company (we will call DealLozer) did was get upset with Deal Current that market share was being taken by TemecuLove and the other local deal site. Deal Current, not wanting to lose their cash cow did what any business lacking ethics and integrity did: it took all the start up fees and commissions from TemecuLove and the other company and then for no reason decided to part ways with both companies. This was done by exercising a clause in their contract that allows them to terminate contracts and business for any reason. Clauses like this are meant to protect a business and are rarely if ever utilized, but when Deal Current got scared it could potentially lose a large client they decided it was best to screw over the little guys by taking their money and kicking them to the curb. This is what the company did. Basically, any company thinking about using Deal Current should know they can take your money and before you have the opportunity to succeed terminate your contract. Not only can they do it they have, multiple times, and most likely will do it again. Beware!

TemecuLove was a Deal Current client for approximately a year and the other local company was a client for only a couple months before Deal Current terminated contracts of both clients in the same time frame. Apart from both companies wasting money advertising, training staff, learning the management software and more, Deal Current also refused to refund the initial start up costs ($3000) and other fees related to commission percentages. Deal Current gave a great sales speech, but in the end they bowed down to DealLozer and took the money from the other local deal companies.

Being a successful business is a challenge regardless of the market and it’s sad that a company like Deal Current would act so selfishly and cowardly to take advantage of little guys. Terminating contracts for no reason is ethically disgusting and refusing to reimburse costs associated with start ups and commissions on top of that is just plain wrong. This is not a company any entrepreneur should get involved with. Deal Current is a scam and potential daily deal companies should look elsewhere for assistance.

What Is A Temecula Daily Deal?

Marketing Your Business On A Budget

Local companies throughout the Temecula Valley face a number of unique challenges due to the changes in the business landscape over the past decade. What was once an area where small businesses thrived and boosted the local economy has slowly became a region monopolized by corporate giants. These large companies headquartered in other states saw the opportunity the Temecula Valley offered and then used every tool to milk as much money from the area as possible. The majority of our restaurant and shopping choices are now operations with million dollar marketing budgets that can call upon television commercials, print advertisements and essentially anything they feel will reach the greatest audience possible. Money is no object to these big businesses and that puts the organic, locally owned and operated businesses at a disadvantage from the start.

How can a local hamburger joint compete with Outback Steakhouse, Red Robin, Claim Jumper or any of the other commercialized restaurant chains?

How can a local fashion boutique compete against Macy’s, Forever 21 or any of the other clothing stores that decorate the Promenade Mall?

The answer is better marketing. Offering products or experiences that are unique. Making the customer feel important so they return to your business, while also giving them value for their dollars. Enticing the people of Temecula and surrounding areas to spend money at your place by giving them a solid deal that is simply to good to pass up. This is part of the reason why daily deals have been on the rise, giving local companies an avenue to reach a broader audience while seducing consumers to spend more with bargain offers.

Breaking Down Daily Deals

The standard daily deal is delivered in the form of a voucher that is valid toward a specific service or item offered by a participating merchant. The average deal offers consumers roughly 50% off a product or service (for example $30 worth of Mexican food for $15). The promotional offer is typically presented trough a deal website such as TemecuLove that informs the community about these special offers via email, blog, Facebook and other social media. The daily deal process is simple:

  1. Merchant offers daily deal through TemecuLove
  2. Local consumers purchase daily deal from TemecuLove
  3. Customer prints voucher or has it sent to their mobile device
  4. Customer redeems voucher with merchant for discounted goods or services

TemecuLove is responsible for promoting the daily deal as well as collecting all money on sales. TemecuLove is also responsible for giving participating merchants with their revenue share and the codes associated with daily deal offers to track redemption. After the customer purchases the voucher through TemecuLove they will then bring in that digital or hard copy of the voucher to the merchant. The merchant will call in the redemption code and then be responsible for honoring the discounted products or services associated with that voucher. It’s all a very simple process for the merchants and an easy way to both get new customers while generating exposure!

Temecula Daily Deals: How They Help Businesses

Daily deals are great because they do not require any upfront cost from the merchant and provide a effortless way to receive massive exposure. Daily deals are a performance based form of marketing that allow the merchant to control how many deals they want to sell. Merchants are paid on the number of vouchers sold, receiving 50% of payment one week after the deal is no longer live with the remaining 50% coming one month later.

One of the most common reasons why Temecula businesses love opting to use daily deals as part of their marketing campaign is because of the heavy trending viral impact. People who invest in daily deals tend to tell friends and family members about those particular cost-savings deals, creating a storm of free word of mouth advertising. They will share offers on Facebook and other popular social networking avenues raving about the deal. This typically results in many more Temecula daily deals being sold. Not to mention, customers that redeem daily deal vouchers for goods or services often spend more than the actual voucher amount. This allows the local business to generate even more revenue that otherwise would not have come in.

Daily Deals: What The Statistics Show

  • Four of five people investing in Temecula daily deals are classified as “new” customers
  • Over two thirds of new customers return to a business they purchased a daily deal from in the past
  • One of five daily deal vouchers never get redeemed or expire
  • More than 3 out of 4 businesses will move forward with multiple daily deals for discounted goods and services as part of their marketing campaign

The statistics show daily deals can be a excellent marketing strategy for businesses seeking a cost-effective tool to increase profit and customer acquisition. With daily deal companies networked into the local scene such as TemecuLove who also work hands on to increase marketing and visibility efforts of Temecula Valley merchants, small businesses can be given the tools necessary to compete against the largest of companies.

Field Of Screams Storm Stadium Coupons

Halloween Fun Coming To The Temecula Valley

It’s finally that spooky time of the year and everyone here at TemecuLove couldn’t be more excited. That’s because with the cooler Autumn weather also comes one of our favorite ghoulish events: “Field of Screams”! Field of Screams is when Storm Stadium in Lake Elsinore transforms from a baseball diamond to one of the scariest places in the entire Temecula Valley. Think of it as a giant haunted house full of screams, horror and evil entertainment!

Open to any thrill-seeking adventure lovers over the age of 13 (kids under the age of 13 will be permitted to take part in the scary fun but only if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian), the 2013 Field of Screams will be dishing up even more scary fun with haunted attractions that include four spooky mazes and two areas designated as “scare zones”. Field of Screams is widely recognized as one of the scariest haunted attractions in all of Southern California and this year’s spook-tacular event is expected to draw even more people than the record setting 10,000 visitors who were frightened last year.

The four mazes will be offering almost 8,000 square feet of torment, restlessness and horror guaranteed to have kids sleeping with the lights on all throughout the Temecula Valley, and to kickoff the ghostly fun Temecula Daily Deals will be offering 50% off tickets for entry to Field of Screams! That means anyone who wants to experience Kurtain Khaos, a twisted house of mirrors designed with a circus theme, Zeebo’s Midway Madness, a must for those creepy clown loving psychedelic horror lovers or any of the other awesome features that will both trick and treat can do so through this very limited frightful Temecula deal!

For more details on how to take advantage of the discounted entry to Field of Screams please visit the TemeculaDailyDeals official deal website for more information on the haunted event along with other awesome local deals, coupons and promotions!

Field Of Screams will kick off on September 28th and run until November 2nd. Guests can get spooked from 7:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. on Thursday and Sunday, or from 7:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 5.37.15 PM

The Haunted Stadium officially opens to the public Sept. 28 and continues through Sept. 30 and every Thursday through Sunday in October. Hours of operation are 7-10 p.m. Thursdays and Sundays, 7-11 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays.