The Shamrock Restaurant Review

Bringing A Taste Of Ireland To Murrieta & Temecula

As a long time resident of the Temecula area this TemecuLove editor has seen the region continue to grow and develop into something special. What was once only recognized as a small town area with a handful of impressive wineries, Temecula has blossomed into a thriving community of over 100,000 people with numerous successful local businesses. Temecula breweries have been popping up everywhere to meet the needs of beer lovers throughout Temecula, the Promenade Mall continues to be a popular retail center for shoppers, the historic Old Town section now offers a nightlife for anyone in the Southern California area and the many Temecula wineries have grown into a tourist destination for people all over the country! Temecula truly is a success story. This has been absolutely fantastic for those living in Temecula, but for residents in the equally large city of Murrieta things have not been so thrilling. This is because the city of Murrieta has had very little to offer both tourists and locals. However, a pair of lads from overseas who shared a simple dream to start up family friendly, authentic Irish pub in the United States believed that Murrieta was indeed the perfect place to launch such an endeavor. Together, owners Graham and Paul have brought a little piece of Ireland to the city of Murrieta with The Shamrock Irish Pub & Eatery, and as of December 21st everyone can now experience the type of local pub that you could walk in anywhere in Ireland and feel at ease. Live music, Irish hospitality and a unique atmosphere that make The Shamrock different from every other venue in Murrieta.

Patrons visiting The Shamrock Irish Pub & Eatery for the first time will discover live traditional Irish music playing every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Sunday is also a day for families where more mellow Irish tunes can be heard while parents can kick back and enjoy watching some sports and have a bite to eat. What makes The Shamrock different from other local restaurants or bars is that The Shamrock is unique as the authenticity comes from an owner born and raised in Dublin with over 20 years of owning and operating an Irish Pub that caters for customers looking for a fun time and a musical journey. With an Irishman leading the team with such vast experience The Shamrock is not a copy of a pub in Ireland it is the real deal. The atmosphere, ambiance and friendly welcome cannot be replicated.

The Shamrock Hours Of Operation

  • Sunday thru Thursday 11:00 am -11:00 pm
  • Friday & Saturday 11:00 am – LATE

For Directions To The Shamrock Please Click HERE

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Interesting Fun Facts About Owners Graham & Paul

Graham and his family (Deborah, Findley 9, Rocco 7) all speak fluent Spanish. Graham is also a wicked impersonator and his Barney the Dinosaur is legendary! Paul was the Managing Director of Club 18-30 in the UK. They are the world’s number one brand in tour operating for the youth demographic. Graham and Paul are also football fanatics who refuse to use the s word! Graham is a die hard Liverpool fan and Paul is a fanatical Manchester City fan. Paul actually attended the game between Manchester City and the Queens Park Rangers where Man City scored two incredible goals to win the English Premier League title over rival Manchester United. Both Paul and Graham hope to one day start a breakfast club to watch the Premiership games on weekends and educate anyone willing to listen!

Starting A Irish Pub & Eatery Business In Murrieta

Graham and Paul chose to start The Shamrock in Murrieta because they described the area as an up and coming region with the close proximity to the wineries. They felt there was a gap in the market for an authentic Irish Pub with a musical tradition that could attract all different demographics. Feeling that The Shamrock could cater to anyone with an appetite for some Fish & Chips to die for or simply anyone looking to relax and listen to Irish tunes, Graham and Paul realized that Murrieta had unlimited potential. Graham and Paul would like Murrieta residents to know The Shamrock is a “local” bar operated for the “locals” by “locals”. This Temecula Daily Deals writer can back this statement up by saying that both owners were chatting with patrons and having a good time every single time he has visited The Shamrock.

The Shamrock is already creating a significant buzz in the Murrieta and Temecula area, and if business continues to be consistent and successful there could be at least two more Shamrocks calling the Inland Empire home in the next 5 years. But the core and values of The Shamrock will always be the same and that is to offer good food, great entertainment and friendly atmosphere where people are welcomed on a first name basis as they enter the pub!

Shamrock currently does not offer Temecula coupons or daily deals, but the popular Irish Pub does have some great happy hour specials and free events like comedy night on Tuesdays!

Temecula Exchange Website

Local Resource Website Creates Buzz In Temecula

TemecuLove has always enjoyed working side-by-side with locally owned and operated businesses to bring people throughout the Temecula Valley exciting daily deals, online coupons and fun contests. This is because TemecuLove strongly believes in supporting local businesses, offering local shoppers great deals and helping the community stay more connected. This is also the reason why everyone at TemecuLove is thrilled about the launch of a new totally local resource website dedicated to assist people all throughout the Temecula Valley buy, sell, and exchange goods with one another!

Temecula Exchange

What started off initially as a small Facebook group of extended friends and family members, Temecula Exchange grew faster than the Facebook group administrators could have ever imagined. Within weeks nearly 2,000 people had asked to join the community group with people from Menifee to Temecula, Murrieta to Canyon Lake and everywhere in between using the Facebook group to promote local businesses, sell used goods, showcase houses for rent and so much more. Clearly, the popularity of the Facebook group showed the Temecula Valley had a demand for a locally based classified exchange platform. That is when the administrators of the Facebook group decided to take the exchange to new heights.

The brains behind the Temecula Exchange saw the potential the group had very early on and the outpouring of positive support for such a online platform. “There were a few different components to this group that made it unique, but we recognized from the start that the main draw was that every post, ad or classified was completely local to our Temecula Valley area”, explained one of the developers of the exchange website. “People liked how items and services offered on the exchange were literally in their backyard, alleviating the need for long drives to Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego or other macro regions categorized by websites such as Craigslist. They also commented on how they enjoyed the visual aspect of how items were listed in a live streaming feed. Therefore, we took this input and created something that we hope will be a community resource for decades to come.”

Features Of The Temecula Exchange

  • Free Signup & Posting Of Ads
  • Smart Phone Access
  • Local Pick-Up Of Items
  • Steaming Photos Of Ads
  • User Profiles
  • Intuitive Search Feature
  • Completely Local Exchange

There are numerous features to the website that make it more advanced and user-friendly over the original Facebook group, including a intuitive search feature that will let users comb ads by name, category and other methods to help quickly identify items. The Temecula Exchange website also features a Pintrest style loading feature for quick browsing, and users can even create a profile and essentially host a “storefront” like etsy or eBay without having to pay any selling fees! Most importantly, it’s all 100% local, so no sifting through irrelevant non local listings [due keyword spamming] like what is common on places such as Craigslist.

The Temecula Exchange website is now live and operational with thousands of classified ads already posted by members of the community.

Wiens Brewery Company Review

Wiens Brewery Shows Temecula Is More Than Just Wine

For people living in Southern California the name Wiens usually evokes an image of a vineyard nestled away in the beautiful Temecula Valley. However, craft beer enthusiasts Ben and Pete Wiens are hoping in the not to distant future that vision will change. This is because the two men have literally went against the grain by moving away from the family wine business to create Wiens Brewery, and they believe the unique home brew style will make the name Wiens synonymous with world class brewery.

Pete and Ben come from a family that has built their name and reputation on producing some of the most popular wine in the Temecula Valley, but the passion that drives these guys is beer. Brewing has been a life passion for Pete and the reason why he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fermentation Science from UC Davis while also spending the last 12 years making domestic lagers. When TemecuLove asked Pete about why they ditched the red and whites for lagers and IPAs he explained that he and Ben simply had the dream of opening their own brewery since 1995.  Since the grand opening in November 2012 they are both very thrilled to have their dream come true and to create beer that is exciting while not being diluted with adjuncts. Pete stated, “We are part of the same family as the winery, but we’re not wine guys!  We’ve been homebrewing since 1995 and brew a wide variety of beers that are all distinctive and full flavored.”

5 Questions Temecula Beer Lovers Want To Know

1. What types of beer does Wiens Brewery offer, and does the company offer keg rentals for special events?

We have up to 16 beers on tap at any time. We offer a wide range of beer styles including lagers and three IPAs. We also have beers aged in bourbon barrels and cask beer. We should have everything setup this month to do keg rentals direct to consumers.

2. Does Wiens Brewery ever have any special offers, events, giveaways or promotions?

We offer discounts on beers on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

3. What is your most popular beer, and why do you think it is a fan favorite?

Our most popular beer is our Insomnia IPA. We load it up with 3.2 lbs of hops per barrel for a huge depth of hop flavor and aroma.

4. How would you say Wiens Brewery stacks up against other popular micro brews operating on the west coast and in Temecula?

Temecula has a great craft brewing scene that is continuing to grow. We are very excited to be a part of it and look forward to working with the other breweries to get more people excited about craft beer.

3. Name at least one cool or unique thing about Wiens Brewery that local beer lovers would find interesting?

We are one of the few breweries to offer lagers. We also brew a single hop pale ale each month with different hops. This is a fun way to showcase one hop and how it can impart different flavors and aromas. We have a good lineup of hops to use including three experimental varieties. We are also brewing a Belgian IPA with a different yeast strain each month.

Brewing Beer In Temecula

Although the family winery is located in Temecula and the brewery is technically under the same business umbrella, Wiens Brewery chose to start their business in the Temecula Valley because it is a great craft beer region that is still growing. Pete explained that they love the number of independent restaurants and businesses in the valley and how the community is very supportive of those local businesses. Therefore, Ben and Pete would have selected the Temecula Valley area regardless of their family ties to the region. Temecula will be the foundation for the brewery and they are hoping in five years that Wiens Brewery will have distribution throughout all of Southern California offering bottles and cans of their unique creations. As word gets out and demand for their beer continues to grow, Wiens is hoping to keep expanding. In fact, they already have plans to add a 15 barrell brew house and are currently in the process of shopping for a bottle line.

Temecula daily deals and online coupon company TemecuLove suggests anyone who is a beer lover check out Wiens Brewery by visiting the tasting room located at 27941 Diaz. Rd. Suite A Temecula, CA 92590. Directions via Google Maps can be found [here]

TemecuLove hopes to have some Temecula coupons and daily deal offers available from Wiens in the near future so stay connected with us via Twitter and Facebook!

Lienzo Charro Mexican Restaurant Review

Lienzo Charro Offers Authentic Mexican Food In Temecula

Blending Tradition With Freshness!

One of the many endearing things about the city of Temecula are the family operated businesses that truly give the area its unique and small-town feel. Lienzo Charro is one of those family owned businesses, and what they specialize in is cooking up real authentic Mexican food that anyone can enjoy. Located toward the Old Town side of Temecula off when exiting off Temecula Parkway (near the Ramada Inn), Lienzo Charro is the perfect casual dining spot for those wanting to have a good meal or simply have a fun night out.

When it comes to Mexican food, people in Temecula usually have to choose between small taco shops that aren’t very family friendly or one of the many Mexican restaurant chains. Taco shops are cool spots to grab a quick bite for lunch, but they don’t really provide that complete dining out experience a family can enjoy. And restaurant chains are better suited at reheating their frozen food stored for months in a freezer than preparing authentic Mexican cuisine. Lienzo Charro is definitely not small with their 7,500 square foot restaurant offering a full bar, banquet room, outdoor patio, dance floor and spacious indoor seating. The Mexican restaurant also hand makes their own crispy tortilla chips, salsa, enchilada sauces and delicious entrees all on the spot! This is something that no chain restaurant in the Temecula area offers customers and what makes Lienzo Charro stand above the competition, turning first time customers into repeat customers.

Lienzo Charro Speciality Dishes

  • Chile Verde
  • Chile Colorado
  • Enchiladas
  • Posole
  • Chilaquiles
  • Menudo

What makes Lienzo Charro different from other Mexican restaurants in Temecula is the level of authenticity. Owned by Genaro Ornelis, a Mexican immigrant who came to the United States in 1985 and who has over 23 years experience working in the food industry, Lienzo Charro prepares all entrees with a traditional blend of fresh ingredients and Latin flare. These dishes are guaranteed to curb the appetite of anyone seeking an authentic Mexican meal. Even better is that Lienzo Charro offers a number of weekly specials such as a “Taco Tuesday” where customers can purchase chicken, carnitas or carne asada street tacos for only 99 cents per taco! This is one of the best deals in all of Temecula for dining out on Tuesdays. Patrons should also make certain they try one of Lienzo Charro’s daily $3.00 happy hour (3:00-7:00) margaritas to wash the street tacos down as the restaurant makes their margaritas as light or strong as the customer wants. That means for those wanting a little extra kick from their drinks, Lienzo Charro bartenders are always happy to put a extra splash of tequila in the customer’s margaritas at no cost! However, the best deal of the week at Lienzo Charro comes on Sunday starting at 8:00a.m. to 2:00p.m where patrons can have access to an “all you can eat” buffet with unlimited soft drinks for only $12.95 per person. For those wanting to hang out and watch a game in the spacious bar area where four televisions are always playing multiple sporting events, a $15.95 buffet purchase per person also includes “all you can drink” champagne mimosas!

Lienzo Charro Is Food & Entertainment

Quality fresh Mexican cuisine is the backbone of Lienzo Charro, but the restaurant also provides entertainment for those looking to have a good time in Temecula. Patrons can expect to hear mariachis play live music every other Friday, see line dancing Monday nights or take part in some exciting salsa dancing on Friday evenings. Salsa dancing often lasts late into the night so patrons looking to have a good time better drink lots of water and get a baby sitter!

Hours of Operation

Monday 10:00a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Tuesday  8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Wednesday 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Thursday 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Saturday  8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Sunday  8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Contact: 951-699-2500    *For Directions

Lienzo Charro offers full catering services, and the restaurant banquet room and dining sections are also available for those needing a great place for a birthday, holiday party or wedding reception.

Temeculove, a Temecula daily deal and local resource company, is currently offering Temecula online coupons for anyone wanting to experience authentic and traditional Mexican cuisine from Lienzo Charro.

Best food in Temecula? Survival in the food game and other ramblings…

Food Business Success In Temecula

There are 2 VERY different conversations going on right now locally in Temecula today in the my facebook feed. Both are coming from places I truly enjoy in Temecula… yet one of them is saying that this week will be their last week in business, they are shutting the doors on Sunday. And the other?? The other is actually looking to EXPAND!  These are 2 very different conversations to be having with Facebook fans, however the differences between these two places could be argued as either vast or minimal, depending on points of discussion. I mean they both serve food, but there are a ton of “food” joints in Temecula. So what does it take to stand out!? To be one of the “best” in town?  And notice I put best in quotes there, cause its always arguable and comes down to more than a few qualities when determining this. I mean what [if you had to pick] would you say is your favorite place to go out to eat at in Temecula?  Are you picking it based on food alone? OR is there something more? Is it the atmosphere? The vibe? The way they make drinks?  It could be any of these… whats important to some isn’t always as important to others and when it comes down to it maybe the food really isn’t “the best” in town but the atmosphere provides the right setting for the food and that keeps people coming back for more… AND LETS FACE IT, so long as people are coming back the doors remain open and its business as usual. So much so that at some point this business may be looking to expand. Ohhhh yesssssssss.

Okay, well… there’s no reason to beat around it anymore… by the time you read this one of these 2 businesses I’m talking about will be closed, and I’m hoping its not for good.  I really see this business’ ultimate flaw as being the location and NOT the food. I mean its SO TRUE what they say in real estate… its all about….  LOCATION!  LOCATION!  LOCATION!  So why in a business that the odds of making it are sooo stacked against you would you try to save a few bucks by tucking yourself in a forgettable corner in a generic and lonely strip mall in town and expect to survive is beyond any logic I can understand. Did nobody in charge see it this way? Is any spot as good in the minds of a few? Well I’m here to tell you its not. If you pick a crappy location lacking originality and soul in some forgotten about preplanned center somewhere you too are going to be “forgotten”.  You are NOT Kevin Costner! Simply “building it” will not insure that “THEY will come!”….   got it?   AND again I’m going to be honest when I say that Temecula is full of these all too generic preplanned centers that have fallen apart and turned over a dozen times and nobody can remember what is where anymore. Its going to take a TON of work to embed that you are the new place to be in the minds of the many buzzing around town. Its true.  The only place that has any soul in this cookie cutter suburban bedroom community is Old Town. Sure, it used to be cringe-worthy is some aspects [maybe still is] however its got character, atmosphere and lots of shopping nearby and therefore is pretty much the only place in town that boasts of “foot traffic” cause lets face it, there aren’t that many shopping centers in town that you can just park your car in on a Saturday and go for a leisurely stroll through. I mean, I guess you could do it with most any of them but how enjoyable would it be!?

[SIDE STORY // TANGENT ALERT!] When I was younger my friends and I used to skate all over this town. Down the hill to the Lucky’s center to Green Burrito to grab a .99 bean and cheese burrito [before it had any affiliation with Carls Jr. and started sucking]  Then kick/ push on down through the Target center, grab a drink, grind curbs hit a few shops before heading down to the old VONS center now known as The ghost town of Tower Plaza. Fortunately you can still grab a slice from scarcellas pizza on your way through there;)  From there you could cut under the freeway through a wash that popped up by the rancho army navy, where, if you needed Dickies you could score a pair. Onward to Spin records to listen to music and maybe back to Old Town to go thrift shopping. Yeah, we’d cruise around. The sad thing is most of that stuff isn’t around anymore and I couldn’t even tell ya what is in half of those centers… they have turned over so many times that its hard to say what is still where.

Temecula continues to be about the NEW BIG THING. You ever notice that? Something new goes in and EVERYONE is all about that for a few weeks or months and attention begins to wane for the next new thing. It makes sense, even bugs are drawn to super shiny bright lights… and they keep popping up in random places. Yeah that spot that was so hot a few months back.. now it begins to calm out and make its way to forgottenville. Sure, it may make it in that spot and live out a moderate to mildly successful life until one day you go to visit years down the road and they are closed… or maybe its not even that long, who knows? It shocks me to see places like Little Chun King [same place as always] still in business. I mean that’s great they are there still, hopefully still killing it the same as they were when they were like the ONLY Chinese food joint in town in 1989.  Rocky Cola sure didn’t have that much staying power and I thought they had a fairly decent thing going for them.

So what does it take to make it and sustain? I’m no expert, fortunately Seth Godin is… I think Purple Cow should be required reading for anyone starting a business that wants to be successful. If you own a small business and haven’t read that book, do it. If you have then you know what I am talking about, you get it. Hey people that are going into the restaurant business must think they know how to do food well. That is good, hopefully others agree. Yup. Next ya got to Purple Cow it.  The restaurant business margin is so low there really is no room for error. I’ve talked to owner after owner, if not for the love they’d have left years ago… cause it ain’t about the money. Its hard to get rich in the food arena.

Anyhow, I got on a tangent there… the conversation I wanted to have stems from these two facebook posts, check em out.



So why is Travellers Cafe closing down while Public House is looking to expand!? Many reasons. Location for one. Public House has Old Town on its side and boys and girls I’m telling ya Old Town is hot right now. Its got soul, foot traffic and lots going on… How about food? Travellers is DAMN GOOD food,  a different thing than Public House so I’m not sure we can really compare the two based upon food alone… but in my opinion, its not cause of the food that Traveller’s is hurting. Its the damn location. Its the lack of awareness. For being where they are and still nobody has heard of em. Its hidden with that whole Field of Dreams thing going on. Just cause you exist doesn’t mean people are going to come flooding your door. Times are different and we are soooo bombarded with advertising that having a sign up just doesn’t do it. How many times have you driven the same route only to finally one day notice something [for the first time] that may have been there forever. We go about our [busy] daily lives and if nothing calls us in to deviate from the path or try something new, as a whole, we as creatures of habit will not try something new. Its sad but true.  BUT give me a reason, pitch me, promote to me and tell me that I’m missing out and the food is amazing and watch me go out of my way to give something a try!

I go to Traveller’s to eat, not to hang out. So safe to say atmosphere really isn’t a strong point there either. NOW if you put Traveller’s Cafe down in Old Town on Main st. then I think we have a whole new thing going on. You get it into a cozy little house [like Public House] get some drinks, couches a fire pit going on… yeah I’ll go there to hang out and have drinks… the food is good too!?? BONUS! You see what I did here? I made it less about the food and more about atmosphere… by providing a great atmosphere the food being good is simply a BONUS. Soooo spending money on location and atmosphere as well as marketing yourself and developing your brand is huge. If you had one shot to do it then it needs to be done right. Don’t grab a poor location cause its $1.00 a square foot cheaper. Cause while that seems like a lot, the price you pay in the end is… wah-wah-wahhh  CLOSED DOORS.

If ever there was a model example of what to do right with your business, The Public House is it. They’ve got a solid location, they’ve put money in over the years to revamping it, its got atmosphere, it feels like home [cause it is essentially a house with a comfy backyard]  The food is good, the drinks are good, they bring in entertainment… and the other thing I think is important. Its too small. lol.

Wait, what!? too small is a good thing? ABSOLUTELY. It always feels busy. And while it may be big compared to some places, lets face it, the place is cramped and gives the feeling of cozy-busy… and Nobody likes walking into a big open empty space and being one of the few there… it just feels weird. Having a small and cozy place trumps a large one when it comes to atmosphere. The Public House is doing it right and is everything that is right about Old Town, you can be sure that any given night you are down in the area you are going to stop in to see whats going on. I know we over here at Temecula Coupons and Temecula Daily Deals do…  and will continue to.


And with that I will leave you with the farewell letter Billy at Travellers wrote to his loyals.


What a great way to go out. The comments left in reply to this post on Travellers facebook page make it even better. Billy you guys served up some awesome grub, its not your fault… its ours. Damn Temeculan’s not doing their part to support local.  Every single day I see the f***ing McDonald’s drive thru jammed packed with soccer moms on the go, taco bell, jack in the crack and the others… its sad.  I see full parking lots at chain restaurants around the mall. Red Robin!? Red Lobster? HomeTown Buffet!? REALLY!? wtf is going on????

Sure they aren’t all going to be regulars but even just the small effort to NOT eat at chains when going out, trying something new, supporting local in the community would be huge. It’d directly benefit the small guy, the family run joints like yours.  I truly believe there are waaaaaaaaay too many people that drove right on by your place [on the daily] not even knowing you were there. Clueless of the AHH-MAY-ZING!-NESS you were serving up in a forgotten shopping center situated in the “middle of town”.  While I didn’t eat at your place every night, I did enjoy all the times I did eat there…  wish I could have had more time to check off more items on the menu cause I’m damn sure they were amazing too.

Thanks for trying to do something different. I think the food truck is an excellent idea, if I had more money… I’d personally be the guy who invested in your rig cause I believe in what you are dishing up… and after one bite I know others would too.

TemecuLove is a local business that helps the community save by working closely with other locally owned businesses to offer the best daily deal offers and Temecula online coupons.