Online Coupons For Your Temecula Business

Digital Advertising Success

One of the most significant challenges many small businesses face is developing a effective marketing strategy that helps get the word out about products or services offered. Gaining and holding the attention of the consumer so they shop at your establishment is the primary goal of most marketing plans, but implementing such a plan for many small businesses is simply not financially feasible. For example, a typical local restaurant in the Temecula Valley likely does not have the marketing budget for television, radio or billboard advertisements to draw the interest of the consumer. They usually have little to no residual finances available after normal operating costs to invest in marketing, and therefore often have to rely heavily on word of mouth advertisements. This can be a recipe for disaster, resulting in potential business death.

So what can businesses do when a large marketing budget isn’t an option? How can a business get exposure and reach a new audience without paying thousands of dollars for print ads or social media ads?

The answer is simple: Internet coupons.

Downloadable click and print Internet coupons are one very cost-effective way a business can increase both advertising and brand recognition. Basically, Internet coupons offer the same level of discounted goods to consumers as print ads, except the marketing investment is substantially lower than it would be for traditional mailer print ads. This can be advantageous to the merchant because not only are Internet coupons a low monetary commitment but they also keep your businesses’ name in front of consumers while enticing them to purchase goods or services. What’s even better is when a merchant creates a coupon so enticing it lures in customers who may have never even considered visiting that particular business in the first place. However, once the Internet coupon gets the customer in the door it then becomes the burden of the business to deliver a value or experience to turn that first-time customer into a repeat customer. This can even be accomplished by continually offering high-value Internet coupons, offering check-in discounts via Yelp or Facebook, or a simple accumulation of a mailing list to send out the hottest promotional offers throughout the year. Enticing the customer is critical because if the deal is almost too good to be true they will spend money they had no intention of spending. The business stays busy and money keeps on being generated.

The Cost Of Internet Coupons

Print ads, Google pay-per-click ads (PPC) or coupons in the local newspaper can be very expensive. First the coupon insertion fee could be hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the ad agency or newspaper selected, and the print coupon is only circulated for a limited time. Throw in the discounted cost of services or products and the end result could actually put the merchant in the negative. This simply does not make good business sense. Internet coupons provide the cost-effective alternative to this advertising dilemma because not only are they up to 90% cheaper than print ads, but the e-coupons can stay in circulation as long as the merchant chooses.

Putting a Internet coupon on your website is good, but it’s always best to supplement that by working with a local third party online coupon provider who specializes in things such as daily deals, gift cards or online coupons (assuming such a company exists in your area). These local online coupon companies are great at engaging their audience and keeping your businesses’ coupons relevant and alive. For example, TemecuLove, a Southern California coupon company that also offers Temecula deals, constantly uploads the latest local Internet coupons to their website. But the promotion of these local coupons doesn’t stop there. TemecuLove utilizes Facebook, twitter and Google Plus to engage their social networking audience in a fun way about the latest and coolest Internet coupons and deals, while also using e-mail blasts and numerous other avenues to reach the largest local audience possible. What really makes TemecuLove unique is how they work closely with local businesses and consumers to promote the “little guys”, while giving shoppers the best deals. The end result is a win-win for consumers and merchants, but the best part is the Internet coupons and promotion cost businesses less than $150 per year! With a low monthly fee coupled with additional marketing for your businesses’ Internet coupon, this is one easy and affordable method to help gain exposure.

Internet Coupons Offer Flexibility

Obviously, the main benefit of choosing Internet coupons is low cost, but another upside to opting for digital coupons over print coupons is flexibility. With print media once the ads or coupons are in circulation the merchant has no options or ability to make changes or modifications to those coupons. However, Internet coupons provide merchants the ability to make small or significant changes to the coupon campaign instantly! Merchants can quickly change terms and conditions, expiration dates, insert new graphics, introduce new coupons and more in real-time. The changes can be made in an instant giving the merchant the ultimate control over their Internet coupons.

Business has dramatically changed over the past ten years with the explosion of social networking, smart phones and overall consumer knowledge of technology products. Grandparents can now update their Facebook status or send tweets, people use their phones to navigate using GPS tracking and consumers now seek out bargains in ways other than walking to the mail box. Businesses need to make sure they are using modern marketing tools to increase exposure, brand recognition and of course profit. Internet coupons are the wave of the future as it is only a matter of time before clipping coupons is a thing of the past and consumers instead bring their smart phone devices to merchants to show digital coupons to receive discounted goods or services. Taking advantage of a marketing strategy that emphasizes Internet coupons will only help increase advertising and company exposure. With Internet coupons being affordable, flexible and an overall proven and effective form of marketing, smart businesses everywhere are getting on board with this next generation of marketing tactic.

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