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TemecuLove is a resource and daily deals company dedicated to helping local businesses gain exposure and better connect with consumers in Temecula, Murrieta and surrounding communities. Utilizing an eclectic assortment of modern marketing tools, TemecuLove has developed a number of unique strategies to help any business gain visibility and make sales! TemecuLove works directly with local businesses to help them reach local consumers

Create A Daily Deal!

Daily deals are an easy and cost-effective way for any business to gain instant exposure by offering potential customers a special limited time promotional offer. What makes this form of marketing effective is that it entices the consumer to purchase a deal for services and goods because those goods and services are offered at a discounted rate. The great thing about this form of marketing is that it does not cost anything to have a daily deal published on the TemecuLove daily deals website! TemecuLove will provide all promotion of the deal, and the merchant will make money every time a deal is sold!

Company Spotlight Review

Spotlight reviews are one of the unique ways that TemecuLove helps local businesses gain additional exposure, and are highly recommended to be combined with the launch of any daily deal. Spotlight reviews are essentially a detailed write up describing what a business does, what services they offer and more. The reviews give consumers an intimate look at what the business is, how it operates and who the people are behind the brand. TemecuLove works closely with the business to optimize keywords in order to enhance search engine optimization (SEO), improving where that business displays or ranks through online search (Google).

Social Media Contests & Promotions

TemecuLove spends significant time reaching out and connecting with local consumers through social media avenues such as Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook. Through the process of tweeting, posting comments and sharing posts, TemecuLove is able to reach tens of thousands of consumers all in the local area. TemecuLove will work hands-on with any business wanting to access our vast local audience and network to run exciting and fun promotional Temecula contests and giveaways!

Online Coupons

Why waste money advertising in the PennySaver, coupon books or other print advertising magazines that are expensive and don’t give a merchant any method of tracking success? With the online coupon business model developed by TemecuLove, companies can have their coupons or promotional ads placed on the Temecula coupon website where they can be easily accessed and printed by online bargain hunters. TemecuLove can even track how many times the online coupon was printed, allowing the merchant to view concrete statistical data about the success of their coupon campaign! Online coupons also only cost pennies on the dollar as compared to traditional print advertisement.

Businesses interested in learning more about  promotional offers, daily deals or any other marketing services can contact a TemecuLove representative for more details.

June 12, 2013 - 11:31 am

Dr. Brett McLaws - Please contact me about a doing a deal for my local business.

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