About Us

Developed by local residents for local residents, TemecuLove was created with the vision of bringing all people living in the Temecula Valley region with the absolute best deals offered by neighborhood businesses. Our philosophy from the inception of the company has been simple: create an avenue that allows local shoppers to better connect with local businesses. Through this online connection, deal seekers can experience firsthand a variety of services and products offered exclusively to those registered with TemecuLove at a special discounted rate by a number of different companies throughout the area. TemecuLove gives local deal seekers and shoppers access to bargain prices, while also helping local businesses continue to thrive. We are here to serve the community, and help YOU save money!

Helping Local Temecula Shoppers

Online shoppers and bargain hunters will often spend hours combing through popular discount websites for local deals only to come up empty-handed over and over again. This is because websites such as Groupon cater more to a larger market, making it difficult for Temecula residents to find the best deals in their local community. TemecuLove works directly with various companies in the Temecula Valley to give locals exclusive access to a number of special offers and deals. What makes TemecuLove so extraordinary for shoppers is that it gives people the opportunity to try a local family restaurant or some other service that they might not normally explore, and offers this experience at a discounted rate. That is why TemecuLove is the online resource for anyone looking to save money on anything from a haircut at a local salon to a bite to eat at one of the many Temecula favorites!

Helping Local Temecula Businesses

Businesses who choose to work with TemecuLove are GUARANTEED to have their promoted deals targeted directly at local consumers. This is a huge advantage that TemcuLove offers that other discount sites simply cannot compete with. Having a marketing approach that specifically targets shoppers throughout the Temecula Valley allows businesses to better connect with a much greater audience than they would be able too independently.This is beneficial for well-established companies with a reputable brand and customer base, or start-up businesses lacking a cliental or even a website. By working together with TemecuLove, companies can generate exposure, boost in-store traffic and increase sales!

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